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Reliable Controls

We're proud to install Reliable Controls MACH-System HVAC controls. It's an ideal solution when you need flexible, economical controls.
The Reliable Controls® MACH-SystemTM HVAC building controls are peer-to-peer, networkable BACnet® building controllers that are fully programmable.
The system is designed and manufactured in-house, which means you can rest assured knowing it’s crafted with attention to detail.


This fully programmable BACnet connected controller is powerful enough for multi-building systems, large mechanical rooms, and rooftop units.


Expand on your other controllers with MACH-ProPoint - it seamlessly integrates with MACH-ProCom, MACH, ProSys, and BACnet controllers.


Variable air volume HVAC systems can save on energy and keep buildings comfortable, but only if they're properly controlled. MACH ProAir is your economical, yet effective option for managing VAV buildings.


Not every mechanical room needs the largest controller - for smaller zones and systems like fan coils, terminal units, unit heaters, cabinet heaters, and small RTUs, the MACH-ProZone is the perfect choice. Powerful, reliable, but not overkill.


Lynxspring is enabling smarter, safer controls management. Now you can operate your facilities and equipment at peak performance levels. Their products give us solutions for building automation, energy management, cyber security, equipment control and other specialties.

JeneSys PC-8000

Easily supports multiple applications with its built-in Niagara platform. Get high performing controls in a convenient din-rail mounted package, and then access those controls via intranet, internet, or optional GPRS modem card. No matter how you choose to access it, you'll get excellent performance.


Sophisticated controls don't have to mean over-sized control units. JENE-PC6000e gives you integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, etc. all within a small, compact platform. Plus it can be controlled remotely and its web-based graphic dashboards give real-time systems information.


Monitor and command HVAC and lighting equipment along with utility meters with this compact controller. It has 34 points of configured I/O with 16 universal inputs, 8 analog outputs, and 10 digital outputs.

BAS Graphics

Building controls are only as good as their actual day-to-day use. And that depends a lot on having an easy-to-use interface.

BAS Graphics provides visual diagrams of the equipment they’re controlling, making it easy to adjust specific elements on each piece of equipment without any guessing.