Consulting Services

We provide an oustanding service in assisting organisations, small business and individuals ensure their workshops, extension programs or accredited courses are contemporary, current and engaging learning experiences for both the facilitator and the student.


Available for brief consults or longer term projects of up to 3 month terms, or for ongoing please contact us below for project discussions, quote and timelines.

Curriculum Mapping

Mapping units of competency with industry currency to meet ASQA and AQF standards.

Design conceptual frameworks

Turning concepts into tactile, engaging products to suit industry currency.

Resource library mapping

Mapping resource libraries to training packages and units of competency, to create easy access for industry stakeholders.

Course evaluation

Evaluation of existing courses to analyse currency and relevancy to industry capabilities.

Report creation

Report construction and presentation for specific projects, including evaluations, analysis and recommendations.

Industry needs analysis

Conducting industry educational needs analysis and providing possible, practicle solutions.

Resource development guide

Provide a complete guide regarding the development of resources for organisations and small business.

Working with SME’s

Liaise with subject matter experts (SME’s) to create engaging, current course content for industry programs.

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