Plant, Grow and Harvest

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A Message from NMF Senior Development Officer, Dawn Ganje

I grew up on a farm, where we planted seeds each year. We were anxious to see the seedlings pop, and the fields turn beautiful and varied shades of green. We knew then the promise and potential of what was coming. It is always exciting this time of year to see the outcomes of those planted seeds in the harvest of the crops. The potential is being realized and promise of what was to come, is here!

Just as harvest is an important time around our region, sharing one’s time, talent and resources with your community is important too. Sharing resources can build the bridges necessary to address the challenges that communities face. During these times of growth, transition, and need in our region and state, there is an opportunity to plant seeds of sharing, generosity and philanthropy – so our future can be more prosperous for the generations to come.

A donor advised fund is a great way to seize this opportunity.

A donor advised fund is an investment tool administered by a public charity, such as the Northwest Minnesota Foundation (NMF). Recent tax changes that increase the deductible limit for charitable contributions is leading some people to consider front-loading multiple years of contributions into a donor advised fund that could be dispersed over several years. This provides a larger tax benefit in a year when that benefit can be maximized.

A donor advised fund helps you, the donor, plan a proactive giving strategy. Our website has additional information about how a donor advised fund can help you leave a legacy for your community, click here to learn more!

If you’d like to discuss donor advised funds and other giving opportunities with an NMF development officer, please give us a call at 218-759-2057.

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