NMF invests in community initiatives that build better lives in our region.

We recently realigned our grant programs to serve communities most in need. This change reflects our values of strategic collaboration, integrity and responsibility—and to boldly make a difference. Our hope is that by doing this, we can build better lives here in rural Minnesota.

Child Care

We lead and support collaborative efforts in communities to find innovative, sustainable solutions to their unique child care needs.

Children and Families

NMF will initiate a deep dive into three (3) targeted communities with high poverty rates and disparity gaps to help strengthen children and families through improved family supports.

Communities Thrive

Building on the strength and diversity of our region, this grant and loan program is focused showcasing the variety of amenities that make Northwest Minnesota a great place to live work and play.


NMF is committed to leading and supporting collaborative efforts to add housing capacity in the region. It’s our goal to help add 1,500 new housing units to the region’s housing inventory by 2024.

Entrepreneur Development

NMF staff provides technical assistance and financing to individuals who want to start a business or persons wanting to expand an existing business.