Communities across Northwest Minnesota are experiencing a child care availability crisis that is impacting businesses and employers, children and families and community prosperity.

Northwest Minnesota Foundation leads and supports collaborative efforts in communities to find innovative, sustainable solutions to help solve their unique child care needs. We incentivize child care providers to improve the quality of their care and embrace the Parent Aware rating system.

We assist child care providers and communities with financial and capital needs through flexible lending and grant products. Better lives are built when our children are provided quality care and families can enter the workforce on their terms and not be hindered by the lack of available child care in their community.

Our goal is to develop a child care workforce that not only meets the needs of working parents and communities, but also the needs of developing children.  \We are supporting a workforce of educated child care providers that understand child development, curriculum and assessment, so children are ready to learn, which will create a smoother transition from child care to Kindergarten.

Child Care Finance

Loan program for child care providers and their business

 Child Care Grant

Funding for organizations working to improve child care quality or child care availability

Step Up

Free training opportunity for child care providers

Child Care Collaborative

Resources to support child care providers and families