Natural disasters happen. It’s a fact of life on planet Earth. Often, they occur all too unexpectedly. The power and force can leave behind a path of destruction requiring both human and financial resources to achieve recovery.

Our Northwest Minnesota region has not been spared from natural and man-made disasters. The floods of 1997 up and down the Red River Valley impacted Ada, East Grand Forks, Warren, Alvarado, Oslo, and St. Vincent; the summer floods in 2002 hit the Roseau and Wild Rice River Watersheds; a severe wildfire raged in October of 2012 near Karlstad; and, the school shooting tragedy in 2004 shocked the Red Lake Reservation. All have left indelible marks.

In order to prepare for future disasters, NMF has been participating in the Philanthropic Preparedness, Resiliency, and Emergency Partnership (PPREP) cohort since 2014. This group of community foundations from across the Missouri River Basin has been convened by the Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities.

We believe that a key component of a community’s ability to be resilient and thrive during a crisis is to invest in thoughtful preparation. NMF helps communities sustain the place they call home by helping them set up a Disaster Recovery Fund. By setting up a disaster recovery fund, your community is creating the means for outside donations to stay local. Generous and empathetic people want to help when a community is in crisis – so the disaster recovery fund is vital.

Learn more about setting up a Disaster Recovery Fund here.