Each staff member has written a strengths statement that reflects the individual assets they bring to the table.
Below you will find staff contact information. We look forward to helping you find a meaningful way to engage in our work!

Chris Bell

Development Specialist

I am a lover of learning and history. If I can turn my knowledge into useful and practical assistance for our constituents and partners, I am fulfilled.

Cory Boushee

Program Officer - Community Impact

I am energized by a room full of people. My passion is connecting those individuals and giving them a platform so their stories are heard.

Kari Cooper

Communications Manager

I believe every individual is a work in progress, and my patient optimism encourages growth. I take ownership of my work by fostering relationships and investing in raw potential that may otherwise be overlooked.

Nate Dorr

Vice President for Advocacy

I seek authentic connections to others by listening and trying to understand what motivates them. People open up once they realize I don’t seek to judge them, but am there to help build them up.

Dawn Ganje

Senior Development Officer

Based in mutual respect, we can bring our unique perspectives and talents together to achieve much more than we could accomplish alone.

Stacey Hazelton

Staff Accountant

I like challenges and look for ways to enrich my life and the lives of others. I do not like to let people down, and I frequently ask myself, “will this help or harm?” before making the decision to act.

Ashley Johnson

Senior Development Officer

When the big picture is discussed – I consider all the possibilities to determine the best path forward. I aspire to see the unique qualities of my team and provide precise detail and structure for us to get the job done right!

Mike Johnson


Philip Knutson

Prog. Officer - Economic Develop.

When working on projects, I have an awareness of who should be involved in the decision making process. I have an ability to recognize patterns of data and determine the best way to proceed.

Robert Maher

Program Officer - Economic Development and Housing

My desire to succeed leads me to measure my progress against others. I strive to set the bar high and work hard to excel beyond expectations.

Mic McCrory

Program Specialist - SBDC and IDEA Competition

I have the ability to “read the room” and make people feel comfortable where they are at in any environment.

Sean Moran

Prog. Officer – Economic Develop.

I experience great satisfaction when I transform my creative thinking into something tangible and useful.

Diane Morey

Sr. Prog. Officer- Economic Develop.

I think through alternatives simultaneously, while recognizing the individual team member’s skill sets and affinities. It’s a well-performed orchestra when it all comes together!

Missy Okeson

Program Officer - Community Impact

I believe in a team approach to problem-solving. I am able to facilitate diverse groups of individuals to find common ground and remain focused on the goal.

Emma Schmidt

Prog. Assistant - Economic Develop.

John Shimkus

VP of Finance and Administration

Test everything, and you will be able to speak truth instead of speculation.

Tabi Steinmetz

Prog. Specialist - Economic Develop

I bring an evenhanded approach and natural practicality along with a desire to continuously improve and test the limits of my abilities to the team. I have a preference for emotional balance and challenge myself and others to work from ignorance to competence.

Kaitlyn Tupper

Administrative Assistant

Bethany Wesley

Office Manager

I am able to cultivate productive work days focused on task-completion. I strive to find the common ground within a team and keep everyone in good spirits.

Karen White

President & CEO

I anticipate and visualize a better future, and through the trust I build with those closest to me, I help others imagine their future.